MasterChef's Delia-Maria Asser Dishes Up Seafood from Alaska


Wild Alaska salmon and dill blinis


Alaska pollock and chorizo fishcakes, charred fennel and white wine velouté


Maple and soy Alaska black cod, lemon risotto, tempura asparagus, crispy cod skin, roasted garlic puree


Treacle tart, stem ginger ice cream, lemon and cinnamon syrup

I have recently teamed up with Alaska Seafood and created some delightful recipes for a four-course dinner which I will cook for you and five friends. Fish has always been a firm favourite in my family – every time I eat it, it carries memories of my childhood, of holidays on the Spanish coast and of trips to Southend-on-Sea for fish and chips. Fish from Alaska is very versatile, and I love being able to create dishes for special occasions, putting my twist on classic dishes or blending together different cuisines to create something really flavoursome.

This menu is full of delicious morsels and exciting surprises. It is the way I would cook fish for my family, especially on a special occasion – always making the fish the feature of the plate.

Salmon and dill blinis are an absolute classic and like Mrs Doubtfire says, “The classic never dies, dear!” Alaska salmon swim wild meaning the fish is low in fat. The low-fat content gives the fish a meaty texture but is less greasy than other salmon. These canapes a and for Christmas get togethers as they are quick to prepare and full of flavour.

My starter of Alaska pollock and chorizo fishcakes blends together a classic fishcake with a hint of Spain. Chorizo has a great flavour which works perfectly with white fish. Pollock from Alaska has a firm yet tender texture that flakes beautifully when cooked. This recipe is also a great way of using up leftover potatoes. You can serve this with a garlic aioli, a roasted tomato sauce… or for that hint of luxury, with a white wine velouté.

My maple and soy Alaska black cod recipe has got everything you would want for a special occasion. Black cod from Alaska, made famous by Nobu, is a real show-stopper. In this dish, by baking the fish with the marinade it is left covered with lovely sticky richness which marries perfectly with the risotto. The lemon cuts through all of it and gives it a real zing of freshness. Paired with the crispiness of the asparagus and the crunchiness of the cod skin, it’s hard not to be impressed!

And now for dessert… I have a really sweet tooth and, for me, dessert is as important as any other course. This dessert is a satisfyingly sweet treacle tart – rich, sticky and unctuous – served alongside a punchy stem ginger ice-cream and a cinnamon and lemon syrup for freshness.

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Good luck!