Enjoy Lunch The Alaska Way

Sustainability is at the heart of the Alaska fishing industry. Fishing in Alaska is a way of life, creating a symbiotic relationship between the land, sea and community. Sustainability is so important to the state that it was written into the constitution in 1959, calling for all fisheries to be sustainably managed and fish sustainably sourced. Fishing in Alaska has been passed down through generations, where each day families continue to catch their quotas in small boats out on the water. The fisherman’s catch unites families, provides a nutritious feast and brings enjoyment to the people of Alaska.

Alaska seafood is prized for being the highest quality in the world. The health benefits of consuming seafood from Alaska are incredible. In addition to providing an excellent source of high-quality protein that’s low in saturated fat, Alaska seafood is rich in many essential vitamins (including vitamin D) and minerals with high levels of omega 3 fatty assets.

Alaska salmon is the perfect ingredient to create simple, healthy and delicious lunches in minutes. We’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite lunchtime recipes, so why not give them a try at home?