Foodies gather to celebrate Wild Alaska Seafood Month with an immersive yoga session

It’s no coincidence that Wild Alaska Seafood Month falls in January – a month when creating healthy habits for the year is top of mind, and nutrition is the key to supporting your body through cold winter months.   

To drive awareness around Alaska wild caught seafood, 12 foodies and wellness content creators were invited to partake in a morning of yoga led by nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, Madeleine Shaw.  

As a cookbook author and health coach, Shaw truly understands the importance of flavour, quality ingredients and balanced eating in busy lives. She was excited to kickstart a typical wintery Wednesday with movement and mindfulness followed by a delicious Alaska salmon poke bowl.  

The setting for our #WildAlaskaSeafoodMonth wellness session was particularly tranquil, thanks to Frameless’ multi-sensory projections. The yogis were immersed in both the landscape and soundscape of Alaska’s coastline and crystal clear waters.  



With 45 minutes of yoga plus a guided meditation complete, guests were offered a nourishing poke bowl made with canned Alaska salmon. It was the perfect protein-packed, Omega-rich breakfast to help power participants through their day.  

Alaska seafood rely solely on the pristine ecosystem of Alaska’s waters for food. So when you buy wild-caught Alaska salmon, you’re eating fish caught from a truly natural source.  Plus, Alaska seafood is packed with the marine fatty acids essential for everyday health and supporting body functions such as immunity and muscle repair.  

If you’d like to learn more about the nutritional qualities of wild caught seafood, you’ll find more facts on our health & nutrition page. 

Trained Nutritionist, Christianna Aristidou Karaolis (@eathappyfeelgood) shared her thoughts on the experience, “If ever I needed a reminder that nutritious food, movement and spending time with like minded people is truly restorative, this wonderful experience was it…I loved every minute! …Afterwards we were treated to a delicious poke bowl made with @alaskaseafooduk. It was so good I will definitely be recreating it at home.”