This predicted 2024 food trend makes eating more wild-caught fish even easier

You’d be forgiven thinking it’s spring in the UK, when so many daffodils have bravely flowered – and yet, wintery weather persists. Don’t pack away woolly socks, gloves or a hankering for comfort food just yet. 

As it turns out, ‘comfort food’ is so much more than a seasonal inclination in 2024. The populations’ favourite warming dishes have been pegged to be one of this year’s biggest food trends. Recipe box brand, Hello Fresh published a key trends report earlier this year, revealing a spike in customers favouring classic cosy meals such as fish and chips, pies and Bolognese. 

In January, Olive Magazine also reported on their predicted trends, declaring ‘re-imagined classics made extra comforting’ as a top trend to watch. The magazine referenced Waitrose data for top ranking ready-meals, with Chicken Kiev, Fish & Chips and Shepherd’s Pie taking the cake.

The Olive Magazine team also noted how British Chefs are turning these classic dishes, beloved by British diners, into something more ‘theatrical’ – pushing the boundaries of tradition with ‘twists’ on ingredients. 

The good news continues, as this year-long comfort food trend makes eating more wild-caught fish even easier. Alaska salmon and pollock are widely available in supermarkets, and can liven up any classic comfort food recipe.


Here are seven ways you can incorporate more wild-caught Alaska seafood into your own comfort food menu throughout the year: