10 Chef-Approved (& Wildly Creative) Alaska Seafood Recipes

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If you’re curious to learn new ways to incorporate wild-caught seafood into meals throughout your week, prepare to feel inspired. 

Developed to show off the best of Alaska seafood, the below ten recipes were the stars of a special London event earlier this year. ASMI invited restaurant industry professionals to enjoy an evening of Alaska Salmon Keta-babs, Sole Sandos, Pollock Kofte and more. Inspiring chefs, buyers and restaurant owners to let their creativity run wild when it comes to Alaska’s delicious (and varied!) catch.

Below, you’ll find the link to each of the recipes, along with a tantalising description. You’ll also find out why the specific fish species was chosen for some of the recipes – flake size, flavour and cooking method are all important factors.  It’s time to get hooked on Alaska seafood

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  1. Wild Alaska Salmon Keta-bab​ - Wild Alaska Seafood

Alaska Salmon Keta fish is the perfect choice for the punchy Shawarma flavours in this bab. Being a firm, large-flake fish means you’ll get lovely chunks of Salmon Keta with every bite. Smokey and full of fresh flavour, this ‘bab’ is a great recipe for casual dinner with family and friends. 

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2. Wild Alaska Rock Dog​ - Wild Alaska Seafood

Love tempura? This nori-rolled Rock Dog recipe is for you. A fillet of sweet Rockfish is fried in a light tempura batter and served in a charcoal sub roll​. It wouldn’t be a ‘dog’ without an onion ring or two…and plenty of kewpie mayo. 

3. Wild Alaska Sole Sando - Wild Alaska Seafood


3. Wild Alaska Sole Sando - Wild Alaska Seafood

This recipe represents the perfect fusion between Katsu and a traditional fish finger sandwich. You’ll find the usual suspects like tartare and mushy pea puree, only they’ve been levelled up with roast garlic, wasabi and cloud-light Japanese Milk Bread. Extra points if you can stop at just one. 


 4. Salted Pollock Croquettes - Wild Alaska Seafood

Alaska Pollock is the perfect firm flaked white fish for coquettes – delicate in flavour, chunky in texture. Served atop a tomatoey sauce and garnished with saffron aioli, this dish is flavour-packed and sure to impress friends or family. 


5. Alaska Salmon & Saffron Aioli Bruschetta - Wild Alaska Seafood

A quick lunch or a light supper, this recipe can be thrown together in minutes, with a tin of Alaska Red Salmon from your cupboard. A bright tomato & herb salsa really brings the dish to life. A toasted slice of sourdough adds crunch and soaks up the wonderful flavour on your plate. 


6. Pollock Kofte with Marinated Tomatoes - Wild Alaska Seafood

Pollock is such a versatile fish, you can even make a traditionally-lamb recipe with it! Smokey flavours of the spice mix are balanced by the zing of the Preserved Lemon & Chilli Sauce. And it wouldn’t be kofte without tahini & yoghurt dressing. 


7.Moorish Spiked Sockeye Salmon Kebab - Wild Alaska Seafood

This recipe is wonderfully fresh and healthy. Sockeye Salmon has the firmest flesh of the Alaska Salmon species, making it perfect for skewer grilling. Sockeye’s strong salmon flavour also makes it the perfect vehicle for this Moorish spice blend. 


8. Crispy Fried Yellowfin Sole Fillets - Wild Alaska Seafood

Yellowfin Sole is a fine-flake, sweet fish – perfect for fillet frying. Bright and zingy Moroccan inspired Chermoula relish is balanced by the nutty tahini yoghurt dressing and miso hummus. We know this recipe is a healthy weeknight favourite in the making. 


9. Salmon Barbacoa Tostada - Wild Alaska Seafood

Traditional Mexican Barbacoa sees meat rubbed with spices and slow-roasted in a pit, covered with leaves. This is a quicktake on the flavours of traditional Barbacoa, using delicious Sockeye Salmon. Why not swap your routine taco night at home for Salmon Barabcoa Tostadas? Buen provecho!


10. Pollock Stew Parcel with Roasted peppers - Wild Alaska Seafood

Baking in parcels of tin foil makes this an incredibly easy recipe, with little washing up at the other end of cooking. It also means all of the incredible flavour cooks together, including the Pollock fillets as they cook atop the red peppers and chickpeas.






These inventive dishes are continuing to inspire British chefs as they update their menus.  And now, hopefully doing the same for friends of ASMI here. These recipes are the perfect fusion between flavour and showcasing the quality, variety and versatility Alaska’s seafood bounty offers UK foodies.