Four reasons to love canned Alaska salmon this Spring

Any time of the year is a great time to start new habits. And it can be particularly invigorating to change things up when Spring is on the horizon.  

Your new habit might be related to training for the London Marathon or Couch to 5km challenge. Perhaps you plan to focus more on nourishing your body with a diet packed with essential nutrients. Both movement related and nutritionally focused goals are related to what you’ll be eating.  

It’s easy to make sure you’re fueling your body to train and make healthier choices throughout the week. Trying new ingredients or recipes is a part of keeping your weekly meal planning fresh and interesting (and on track).  Which is why we are inviting you to open a tin of Alaska salmon once a week.  

Did you know about 22% of Alaska’s salmon catch becomes a canned product? That’s a lot of delicious fish! You can easily find red and pink salmon, sourced from pristine Alaskan waters on supermarket shelves.  

If you need some inspiration or further convincing to give canned Alaska salmon a try this month, here are four great reasons to add it to your trolley or at the online checkout.   


1) It’s a versatile & healthy option  


Canned salmon is hugely versatile and can substitute for meat in many dishes. We were inspired by this canned Red Alaska Salmon bruschetta recipe for lunch this week. Or maybe you’re looking to make something more substantial for dinner? How about this salmon fried rice.  

Canned Alaska Salmon is full of flavour and filling thanks to high protein levels. Here is some nutritional information to keep in mind when comparing it to other protein sources:  

  • 100g of drained canned Sockeye is 167 calories, and 24g protein 
  • 100g of drained canned Keta varieties is 141 calories and 21g protein 
  • 100g of drained Alaska Pink is 138 calories with 23gs protein.  

Alaska Salmon’s protein is excellent for your everyday health and physical recovery as it contains essential amino acids. It’s also a good source of Omega-3, Vitamins B12, A and B.  

Want to know more? Read more about the nutrient values of Alaska Salmon here.  


2. Always quality assured, from the source 


Alaska’s fishing community takes huge pride in the work that they do and the quality of the fish they deliver to buyers and retailers. Staff at processing facilities manually handle every fish, assuring that quality products are ready for distribution.  

Before the fish is processed, it’s worth remembering it has been fished from a truly pristine environment. Alaska’s waters are fiercely protected by state legislation, and stakeholders in the fishing communities. This preserves the future of salmon fishing in Alaska and maintains it’s international reputation for quality and premium taste. 



3. Widely available & value for money 

While fresh fish is great to consume throughout your week as a part of a balanced diet, we think tinned takes the (fish)cake this month. You can always have a can of Alaska Salmon in your cupboard, thanks to a stable, sustainable supply chain.  

Price is also a factor when choosing tinned Alaska Salmon. It is generally less expensive than fresh seafood, making it a budget friendly ingredient for shoppers and cooks.  

This month, you’ll find Alaska Salmon at Tesco, Ocado and Sainsbury at great prices.  


4. A truly sustainable food source 

We have already mentioned legislation that protects the 34,000 miles of Alaskan coastline from pollutants and degradation. Also written into Alaska’s state constitution is protection for wildlife and marine biodiversity.  

This means sustainability is at the heart of Alaska’s commercial fishing operations. Quotas set by scientific population studies are strictly adhered to, along with sustainable fishing practices. This preserves the natural migration of the salmon population and ensures that this resource exists to feed the world for many generations to come. That surely has to make you feel good for selecting canned Alaska Salmon.  


Will you take up our invitation to incorporate canned Alaska Salmon into your next grocery shop? Don’t forget we have lots of recipes to help inspire your meal planning. We can’t wait to see what you’ll whip up.