It’s Wild Alaska Seafood Month Again! & It’s Perfectly Timed…

Given the UK’s top two New Year’s resolutions, Alaska Seafood makes a great choice to champion.

In 2021 and 2022, UK survey respondents shared that their top two New Year’s resolutions are related to improving their health. The first being to ‘exercise more’ and the second, to ‘eat healthier’. This trend to prioritise body and nutrition will no doubt continue for 2023 and beyond!

While #WildAlaskaSeafoodMonth might not have much to do with encouraging exercise, it is perfectly timed to inspire trade and consumers to incorporate more wild caught, nutrient-packed Alaska Seafood into their product ranges and customer diets.

Swapping out the usual ‘bangers and mash’ for a fillet of Alaska’s Sockeye Salmon and roasted new potatoes is a healthier option that is just as hearty and filling.

Through the month of January, at the consumer level there will be a range of exciting promotions in Sainsbury’s, WholeFoods and Tesco – making Alaska Seafood an easy choice for UK shoppers!

For trade, we encourage you to embrace #WildAlaskaSeafoodMonth with your own social media channels and by incorporating more Alaska Seafood on your own shelves and in menus. It’s an exciting time to share the benefits of choosing nutrient-packed, low fat and flavourful catches from Alaska’s coastline.

Find more resources and information www.wildalaskaseafood.co.uk


Heart Health

Regularly eating fatty fish reduces the inflammatory substances produced in the heart’s arteries, improving their function, and Omega-3’s from wild Alaska seafood give your heart a health boost.


Boosting Mood

The connection between diet and brain health has been well documented and omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA & EPA, can change your brain and help to improve your mood.


Healthy Fats

Seafood from Alaska is low in both total fat and saturated fat, making it a lean protein source.


Brain Health

Consuming a nutrient-dense diet that includes wild Alaska seafood ensures adequate intake of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D that can boost brain health.


Immune Function

Whether you’re young or old, seafood omega-3s may tone down overactive immune responses and can improve your immune function.


Gut Health

Healthy omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) positively influence gut microbiota composition and the functionality of the gut-brain axis, preventing ‘bad’ organisms from growing, and letting ‘good’ ones flourish.


High Quality Protein

Alaska seafood provides a complete array of essential amino acids – all of which are easily absorbed by the body, aiding the repair and maintenance of muscles.


Healthy Diet

Whether you follow one diet strictly, or find balance in following multiple, seafood is the common key protein in your diet!


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About Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

ASMI is a public-private partnership between the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry, established to foster economic development. ASMI functions as a brand manager of the Alaska Seafood family of brands in 21 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and South America and also maintains a prominent marketing program in the US. ASMI works to raise the value of Alaska’s seafood product portfolio through partnerships with retail grocers, foodservice distributors, restaurant chains, foodservice operators, universities, culinary schools, and the media.