The Best Places for Smoked Salmon this Christmas

It’s hard to beat the luxury of smoked salmon at Christmas, washed down with a glass of something chilled. Whether its served as a blanket on a blini, as an accompaniement to scrambled eggs, sandwiched in a bagel with cream cheese and rocket or served Royale, nothing says festive indulgence quite like it.

This year, we’ve decided to take the pressure out of shopping and curated a list of the very best smoked salmon out there (of course, in our very own humble opinion…!)

Sainsbury’s: Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon

(£6.25 / 100g)

Caught in the rivers along the west coast of Alaska and especially selected for its vibrant colour, lean texture and low-fat content. This divine salmon is hand smoked over a blend of 5 woods giving the very best taste of the wild. Best served with avocado on sourdough toast.

Waitrose: Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon

(£6.99 / 100g)

This Wild Alaskan Coho salmon is firstly cured using salt and demerara sugar. It is then smoked using alder, birch, beech and oak giving in an aromatic smoke flavour. Best served with a glass of fizz.

Tesco: Finest Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon

(£6.50 / 100g)

This sockeye salmon is smoked by experts who use time honoured methods to give it a succulent texture and wonderfully rich flavour. The salmon is cured and then gently smoked over smouldering oak and beech chips. It's then left to mature for 24 hours, for a deep, smoky taste. Best served with a pinch of dill.

Ocado: LEAP Smoked Sockeye Salmon

(£7.49 / 100g) or 2 for £12

This amazing fish is wild caught in the pristine waters of Bristol Bay Alaska. Sockeye Salmon has a naturally vibrant deep red colour as a result of its wild diet of shellfish and other marine organisms. Best served with a squeeze of lemon.

M&S: Alaskan Wild Smoked Salmon

(£10 / 250g)

10 slices of smoked salmon, exclusively caught in Alitak Bay, Alaska. Gently smoked for a distinctive flavour, colour and texture. Best served on a blini.