‘Tis the season for serving Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon.

202303_Alaska Smoked Salmon Salad Wreath


The festive season is in full swing — and hosting friends and family is one of many small joys to look forward to. So too is the beautiful produce we plan to cook and serve to celebrate.

Nothing says ‘this is an occasion’ quite like plates laden with beautiful seafood. And wild caught, Alaska Salmon holds a special place on every festive table – hugely versatile for canapés, a salad entrée or as the ‘show stopper’ table centrepiece.

The history of preserving wild Alaska Salmon is steeped in tribal tradition and deeply connected to the cyclic fishing season. Smokehouses were set up on fishing shores during the summer months. Fishermen would bring their catch to women tribe members who were experts at preparing the fish for smoking and preservation. The summer salmon was a life source not only in the warm months but once preserved, would see tribes through winter months too.

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Today, wild caught Alaska Smoked Salmon features throughout the year on menus. However, the cold winter months lend to the smokey and cured flavours of preserved fish. The delicately smoked flavour and beautiful texture of cold-smoked salmon (known also as ’lox’) is a favourite for entrées and canapés such as blinis. 

Hot Alaska Smoked Salmon is firmer in texture (as it is cooked in a hot smokehouse) and has a more robust, smokier flavour. Best served as a whole fillet, garnished with fresh herbs or salads. Or, used in pies and creamy pasta sauces.

For cocktail hour, be inspired by simple assemblies for single bites — adding flourishes of herbaceous garnish such as dill or parsley. Wondering where to start? Find two recipes below to include in your festive menu or party planning.

smoked salmon spoon

Hot Smoked Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon by Jose Suot


While this recipe instructs you to cure and smoke fresh Alaska Sockeye Salmon, we suggest making things easier for the festive season and purchasing a fillet, ready cured and smoked. Simply follow the instructions to flake, dress and serve with Jose’s delicious horseradish cream. Presented on individual spoons, they’re perfect for entertaining. 


smoked salmon flatbread

Pizetta with Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon and Keta Salmon Roe 


These pizettas are wonderful for your festive parties – small enough to share between two, and covered in beautiful ribbons of thinly sliced, Alaska Smoked Salmon and bejeweled with Keta Salmon Roe.



Find Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon online and in-store: 


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