4 Family-Friendly Alaska Salmon Recipes for Back to School Dinners


School and university routines are now in full swing – and easy dinners are essential for getting through busy weeks. Ultimately this means the search for healthy, quick and delicious dinner ideas is on the rise.


While we’re talking healthy dinners – adding Alaska Salmon to your meal planning means you’ll be adding an array of nutrients to your diet and a sustainably caught protein source.


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Plus, fish is a great option when you’re short on time. It’s quick to prepare and cook – canned or fresh, it’s a flash in the pan or a few minutes in the oven.


Fresh Alaska salmon fillets are found readily in most chillers at larger supermarkets. You might also find a ‘side’ of Alaska Sockeye Salmon. Don’t be put off by this large cut of salmon. Buying a whole side of salmon can be more economical – try your hand as a fishmonger and slice into single portions or as your recipe requires.

Below, you’ll find two recipes that call for canned Alaska Salmon. This too is a more economical way to add fish portions into your weekly dinners. It’s also brilliantly convenient. Storing canned fish in your pantry means dinner is only ever a few minutes away.


You can find cans of Red and Pink Wild Alaska Salmon in all good supermarkets. For those shopping online, you’ll find Ocado stocks M&S Alaska Salmon.


Here are our picks for family friendly (read: quick and delicious) recipes to try this autumn:

1. Alaska Salmon Egg Fried Rice

Our friends at Mob created this recipe, and we think it’s a mid-week winner. You can also watch the recipe if you want to see some expert knife skills take your stir fry to the next level.


2. Wild Alaska Salmon Puff Pie

As the weather becomes cooler, a fold-over pie is just the trick for a mid-week dinner. This Alaska Salmon and egg pie is a bit lighter than your average steak and ale pot pie ­– just add a side of greens or salad.


3. Alaska Salmon Fajitas

Typically fajitas call for chicken or steak –  so this salmon version will surprise and delight the whole family. With delicious chunks of Wild Alaska Salmon it’s really filling – and the béchamel style sauce is delectable!


4. Alaska Salmon Satay Skewers

Healthy, light and a colourful addition to your mid-week dinner roster. These satay skewers are great for all ages – and can be cooked on the BBQ, on a stove or under the oven grill setting.


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